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These terms of use constitute a legal agreement electronically governing the access or use of applications, websites, content, products, and services ('Services') provided by Vua Thợ TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED, a business entity established under Vietnamese law, with its office at 57 Song Hanh, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City. Business registration certificate number 0318063280 dated September 25, 2023 ('Vua Thợ').

These terms of use and any amendments or supplements to these terms are published by Vua Thợ from time to time on the websitewww.vuatho.comand/or on the Vua Thợ Application. Vua Thợ reserves the right to adjust, modify, supplement, or terminate any terms of use and/or related service policies at any time that Vua Thợ deems appropriate. Such adjustments, modifications, supplements, or terminations of terms of use and/or related service policies will be effective immediately upon the content being posted on the websitewww.vuatho.comand/or through the Application or as announced by Vua Thợ on the electronic information pagewww.vuatho.comand/or Application. You should regularly check these terms of use when using the Services through the Application.

Your use of the Application and/or continued use of the Services through the Application after any changes to these terms of use will automatically be deemed as your acceptance and binding to these terms of use and the amended contents.

By using the Services or creating an account on the Vua Thợ Application, you have accepted and agreed to these terms of use and the supplementary policies referenced herein. If you do not agree to these service terms, please do not use the service or access the Vua Thợ website. If you are a minor or legally incapacitated as determined by the law, you need to receive assistance or approval from your parents or legal guardian, as applicable, to open an account or use the service. In such cases, parents or legal guardians, as applicable, need to provide support to help you understand or on your behalf, accept the terms of this service agreement. If you are not sure about your age or your capacity to perform the service, or do not understand these terms as well as the relevant legal regulations applicable to your age or capacity to perform the service, please do not create an account or use the service until you receive assistance from your parents or legal guardian. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a minor or someone with limited capacity to perform the service, as applicable, you need to provide support to help the person under your guardianship understand or represent the person under your guardianship to accept these service terms and take responsibility for the entire process of using the Vua Thợ account or services, regardless of whether the account has been or will be created.


'Vua Thợ' refers to Vua Thợ Technology Company Limited, operating under Business Registration Certificate number 0318063280 issued by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment on September 25, 2023.

'Services' refers to the services provided by Vua Thợ or Vua Thợ's partners through the Application.

'You' means any customer, an individual accessing or using applications, websites, content, products, and services requested through the User Account.

'Partners' are individuals who cooperate in business with Vua Thợ, qualified to provide services to Users in accordance with Vietnamese law.

'Application' refers to the Vua Thợ application installed on mobile devices, managed and operated by Vua Thợ, allowing Users to access and use the Services.


Commitments during the use of the Application

You commit that:

  • Having full civil capacity as prescribed by law to consent to and agree to the Terms of Use; having the right, authority, and capacity to use the Service and to comply with these Terms of Use.
  • The information provided to Vua Thợ is always ensured to be up-to-date, complete, and authentic.
  • The use of the Application is for legitimate purposes.
  • Having full civil capacity as prescribed by law to consent to and agree to the Terms of Use; having the right, authority, and capacity to use the Service and to comply with these Terms of Use.
  • Not providing anyone else access to User/Provider Accounts, including transferring User/Provider Accounts or information from User/Provider Accounts to anyone else.
  • It is your responsibility to verify and ensure that you have downloaded the correct Application compatible with your mobile device. Vua Thợ is not responsible for you not having a compatible device with the Application and/or downloading an incompatible version of the Application for your mobile device.

Commitment when using the Service

By using the Application, you agree that:

  • Not using the Application to send and store any illegal materials or information or for fraudulent purposes; to harass, disturb others, or engage in fraudulent use of the service; violate the prohibitions of the current laws of Vietnam.
  • Not using Vua Thợ's information, Partner's information, or User's information for any purpose other than using the Service.
  • Not engaging in actions (intentional or unintentional) that could harm the Application, damage the reputation, brand, property of Vua Thợ, and/or Partner and/or User.
  • Fully responsible for maintaining and securing your User/Provider Account password or any identification method provided by Vua Thợ for your use of the Application.
  • Providing Vua Thợ with any identification evidence that Vua Thợ may require for the purpose of setting up User/Provider Accounts and providing the Service.
  • Agreeing to provide authentic information, regularly maintain, update in a timely manner, and provide complete information as required by Vua Thợ to provide and use the Service to ensure that this information is always authentic, up-to-date, and complete at all times. You acknowledge that if the information about you is incorrect, inaccurate, not up-to-date, or incomplete in any aspect, Vua Thợ has the right to terminate your provision and use of the Service at any time, with or without notice.
  • Not engaging in deceptive actions against Vua Thợ and similar actions aimed at unjust enrichment in any event or promotional activities conducted by Vua Thợ.
  • Not repeatedly canceling the service.
  • Vua Thợ has the right to block or deny access to User Accounts, and/or block integrated features available in the Application, without affecting other rights and remedies of Vua Thợ when Vua Thợ believes that you have violated any term in these Terms of Use and/or the laws of Vietnam.
  • When requesting the Service through the Application or using the Service, you must independently bear the telecommunications charges according to the policy of the telecommunications service provider that you use.
  • The use of the Application, Service, and/or integrated features on your Application will be in compliance with and in accordance withVua Thợ's information security policyof Vua Thợ
  • You are ultimately responsible for your own safety while using the Service, and you must take all necessary precautions to ensure safety when providing or using the Service.
  • You fully commit to legal responsibility and assume liability for any loss or damage incurred by yourself, Partners, Vua Thợ, Vua Thợ's personnel, and any third parties when you violate any legal provisions or terms of this Agreement.


4.1. Technology platform:

The company provides a technology platform that allows users to use the company's mobile applications or websites provided by Vua Thợ as part of the Service (collectively referred to as 'Applications') to connect you with an individual provider ready to provide services under an agreement with Vua Thợ (hereinafter referred to as 'partner'). You acknowledge that you use the Application to search for and connect with each of Vua Thợ's partners to perform various services at different times based on your own needs and decisions.

Vua Thợ is a technology service provider and does not provide employment services; it does not function as a business engaged in employment services.

4.2. Other Services:

- Are services displayed in the application or communicated to you through any other communication tools performed by Vua Thợ Technology Company Limited.


a. If you pay the order value before using the service.

- Cancellation of work sessions: In case you cannot arrange one or more work sessions for the partner, the missed work session will be rescheduled. This rescheduled session will be carried out within a maximum period of 01 (one) month from the expiration date of the order. After this period, if you cannot arrange a time for the rescheduled session, Vua Thợ will not be responsible for connecting a partner for you anymore.

- Service fee calculation basis: The period of time the partner assists in work at your work location, this period of time is recorded and notified on the Vua Thợ application for you. Between you and Vua Thợ, Vua Thợ has the right to arbitrarily establish, delete, and/or modify fees for any or all services or goods received through the use of the Service at any time. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that fees applicable in certain geographical areas may increase significantly during peak demand times. Vua Thợ will make efforts to notify you of potential fees, provided that you will be responsible for any fees that arise on your Account whether you are aware of the fees or the funds or not. At different times, Vua Thợ may provide certain users with promotional and discount programs that may result in different fees for the same service or similar goods received through the use of these Services, and you agree that such promotional discount programs will not be related to your use of the Services or the fees applicable to you, unless provided to you.

- In the case of work hours outside the agreed-upon hours, you need to notify Vua Thợ in advance. If you do not notify in advance of possible overtime work hours, Vua Thợ will not guarantee the arrangement of the partner to work according to your requirements.

b. The following time periods are also considered working hours of the partner for you:

- The partner has arrived at the work location at the scheduled time, but you are not present to open the door for the partner to perform the job within a 30-minute period, resulting in the partner being unable to perform the job. In this case, the partner's working time is calculated as 100% of the time for that work session.

c. Payment methods

- You can pay in advance or after you have completed using the Service, you are required to make full payment to the Partner and Vua Thợ by selecting one of the available payment methods on the Application.

  • Payment by transferring to the sole collector account.
    Account number: 31361688.
    Account name: Vua Thợ Technology Company Limited.
    Branch: ACB Phu Lam.
  • Payment in cash to Vua Thợ's partner.

- You agree to pay the service fees ('Fees') incurred through the connection. After you receive the service through the use of the Service, Vua Thợ will act on behalf of the partner to collect the relevant Fee payments. In cases where the law requires, Fees will include taxes and related financial obligations.

- Vua Thợ may refuse to accept any transactions using the Card method on the Application in case of any errors in the transaction leading to the issuance of the Card refusing payment or when Vua Thợ believes that the Card has been used for a potentially fraudulent, illegal, or criminal activity or when Vua Thợ believes that you have violated these Terms of Use. You are responsible for resolving disputes with the Card issuer yourself.


Vua Thợ may offer promotions with different features and price levels to any Users. These promotional offers comply with these Terms of Use and may only be valid for certain Users as stated in the offer. You can decide whether or not to participate in the promotion and offer.

If you decide to participate, you agree that the promotion:

  • Can only be used by the intended recipient, for the intended purpose, and in a lawful manner.
  • May not be copied, sold, transferred in any way, or provided to the public, unless explicitly permitted by Vua Thợ.
  • Must comply with specific terms set by Vua Thợ for that promotion.
  • Is not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent.
  • Has no value after the expiration date stated in the promotion.


7.1 Your Rights and Obligations

- Request the Vua Thợ to provide information about the partner, including: ID card/CCCD, photo, full name.

- Ensure a good, safe, and healthy working environment for the partner (no hazardous chemicals, no pollution, no harassment, no infringement on the partner's life, honor, dignity, or body).

- Self-manage and take responsibility for the management and preservation of one's assets in all circumstances.

- Ensure timely payment as stipulated in these Terms of Use.

- Notify the Vua Thợ within 24 hours if negative behaviors are detected from the partner, assisting in resolving issues together.

- Do not unilaterally agree with the partner to change the job content, working hours, request additional job content, or request overtime if it violates the terms. You must compensate the Vua Thợ an amount equivalent to 10% of the order value in case of violation.

- Check one's belongings when the partner leaves the work location.

- In case of suspicion that the partner has committed theft of your property but there is no conclusion from the investigating authorities, you are not allowed to provide information to any individuals or organizations that may affect the reputation or brand of the Vua Thợ.

- Implement other commitments as specified in these Terms of Use.

7.2 Rights and Responsibilities of the Vua Thợ:

- The Vua Thợ has the right to request You to provide accurate information and documents related to You and including Personal Data as specified in the Vua Thợ's Privacy Policy.

- The Vua Thợ has the right to require You to make correct and full payment of Service Usage Fees under the terms and conditions specified in these Terms of Use.

- Without affecting the terms stipulated in these Terms of Use, in case You violate the obligations specified in these Terms of Use, the Vua Thợ has the right to unilaterally terminate or suspend the provision of the Application Service; the Vua Thợ will send a written notice to You and request compensation for damages (if any). To avoid misunderstanding, the violation of the terms of the Vua Thợ's Application Service by You will be considered a violation for the purpose of the provisions in this paragraph.

- Connect partners to ensure clear schedules and origins.

- Regularly exchange and immediately receive feedback information from You about the quality of the service.

- Except for disclosing Personal Data for the purposes of the services specified in these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the Vua Thợ, the Vua Thợ will keep confidential information about You, including the Personal Data provided to the Vua Thợ, and comply with the Vua Thợ's Privacy Policy issued from time to time.


As a user of the Application, You must keep all information and data related to the Vua Thợ, services, products, business activities, marketing and promotion plans, or other activities of the Vua Thợ and its affiliated companies, as well as information/personal data related to the Partner or the Partner's services (if any), information/personal data related to Users that have been disclosed to You by the Vua Thợ or its representatives (whether verbally or in writing, before, at, or after the date of these Terms of Use) or have been indirectly or directly collected by You from the Vua Thợ or any other affiliated companies, or have been created during the execution of these Terms of Use.


Data security is a matter of trust. The Vua Thợ recognizes that the security of Your information and identity is particularly important. Therefore, we commit to using the information You provide in a manner specified in the Vua Thợ's Privacy Policy issued from time to time. The collection and use of personal information related to our Services are governed by the Vua Thợ's Personal Data Privacy Policy


The Vua Thợ makes no representations, warranties, or liabilities for the reliability, timeliness, punctuality, quality, suitability, availability, accuracy, or completeness of the Services provided through the Application, and/or regarding promotional/discount programs.

The Vua Thợ does not guarantee that:

  • The Application, related support software will be error-free or defect-free.
  • The quality of any products, services, information, gifts, or offers that You purchase or obtain through the Application will fully meet Your requirements or expectations.
  • The Service, Application will fully meet Your requirements or expectations.
  • The Application and/or the server(s) on which the Application operates will be free of viruses or other harmful components.
  • The use of the Service on the Application and/or other support software will be secure, timely, uninterrupted, or error-free or will operate in combination with any hardware, software, systems, or data.

The Vua Thợ will be exempt from liability in the following cases:

  • Losses that You may suffer due to the inability to access or use the Application for reasons such as:
  • Inability to access or use the application due to Internet connection errors.
  • Hardware or software failures beyond the control of the Company.
  • Losses due to Internet errors, machinery errors, or system maintenance errors.

You acknowledge and fully agree that the Services provided by the Partner through the Vua Thợ Application are entirely the responsibility of the Partner. You acknowledge and agree that all risks arising from the use of services, promotions, and any services of the Partner, including but not limited to the services and/or promotions of the Partner, are entirely yours, and You will not sue the Vua Thợ in any form.

Any complaints of Yours regarding any losses or damages that You may suffer will be a matter between You and the service-providing Partner. You hereby clearly waive and release the Vua Thợ from any and all responsibilities, claims, lawsuits, or damages arising from the use of the Service through the Vua Thợ Application.


Services provided through the Application may have limitations, delays, and other issues arising from the use of the internet and electronic communication methods, including issues related to the devices You or the Partner use, such as errors, lack of connectivity, being out of coverage, power outages, or non-operation. The Vua Thợ will be entirely exempt from liability for any damages or losses arising from these issues.


By agreeing to the Terms of Use when using the Application, You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Vua Thợ and its branches, officers, directors, members, employees, lawyers, and agents from any claims, costs, damages, losses, legal liabilities, and other fees (including attorney's fees and legal costs) arising from or related to: (a) Your provision/use of the Service and/or Application in transactions with the Partner or Users (as applicable, or (b) Your violation of any terms of use or any legal provisions, whether referenced here or not, or (c) Your violation of any rights of any third party, including Partners or Users arising from the provision/use of the Service, or (d) Your provision/use or provision/use of the Service and/or Application; (e) when operating any means to provide the Service. To clarify, the determination of damages and compensation levels will be based on the current Civil Law regulations.


The Vua Thợ may send notifications in the form of a general notice on the electronic information page, on the Application, by email to Your email address in the Vua Thợ's records, or by sending written notices by registered mail or prepaid mail to Your address stored in the Company's data.

The Vua Thợ's notice will be considered sent to You 48 hours after being sent by mail (if sent by registered or prepaid mail) or 01 hour after being sent (if sent by email).

You may send notices to the Vua Thợ by email to the email address, by postal mail, or by registered mail to the Company's address as provided on the website or Application. The effective date of this notice will be from the time the Vua Thợ receives the notice.


You may not transfer Your rights and obligations arising under these Terms of Use without the prior written consent of the Vua Thợ. Any intentional actions to transfer Your rights and obligations arising under these Terms of Use by You in violation of this provision will be deemed null and void.

The Vua Thợ may transfer its rights and obligations arising under these Terms of Use without Your consent.


These Terms of Use will be governed by Vietnamese law.

In the event of any disputes arising from and/or related to the signing and execution of these Terms of Use, the Vua Thợ and You will resolve them through negotiation. If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, the dispute shall be resolved by the competent People's Court in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Regardless of any contrary provisions, any disputes between Partners and Users must be resolved directly between them.